Clients and Partners

University of Washington & National Marine Fisheries Service

This foundation-supported research project seeks to better understand and guide management for future harmful algal blooms in coastal regions. The focus is on the harmful algal bloom (HAB) event in 2015 that caused shellfish fishery closures in Washington, Oregon, and California. My focus in this project is to document the responses taken across the three states and in coastal communities to protect public safety and to mitigate the impacts of closing the fisheries. This work also involves developing recommendations on how to conduct social impact assessment for future HAB events.

ICF International, Local Governmental Commission, Susanne Moser Research & Consulting

This study investigates barriers to financial climate adaptation in local governments, focusing on California. We are conducting a survey and a series of regional workshops to collect data. My role is helping advise the development of the framing of the project, the literature review, analysis of the workshop notes, and development of the explanatory patterns of financial and institutional barriers to adaptation.

Abt Associates

Advise an EPA-funded project conducted by Abt Associates in evaluating the exposure of future sensitive  populations to smoke and flooding projected with climate change models.

City of Los Angeles and USC Sea Grant

Contracted by the City of Los Angeles in collaboration with USC Sea Grant, I conducted a social vulnerability assessment with Susanne Moser, as part of the city’s climate change adaptation process for sea level rise.

Canada Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO)

I conducted a pilot study for DFO examining potential gaps in ocean and coastal law, regulation, and best management practices for three provinces and federal government. Analysis was based on a socio-ecological model constructed by DFO scientists representing sources and impacts of adverse environmental impacts. Project is currently under evaluation by DFO to determine application of the analysis (and MINOE) to the rest of the nation’s coastal provinces.

James Cook University

Collaborating with Dr. Pedro Feldman and others on analyzing the extant international agreements relating to the Coral Triangle region. This is to help contribute to better understanding how the Coral Triangle Initiative can leverage existing treaties and agreements between countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, Phillipines, Timor Leste, and Papua New Guinea.

Local Government Commission and Geos Institute

Contracted under Susanne Moser Research & Consulting to conduct social vulnerability assessments for climate change adaptation workshops in San Luis Obispo and Fresno Counties. This contract also included me presenting concepts about social vulnerability as it relates to climate change, generally and county-specific, to local decision-maker forums and public workshops.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

During Summers 2003 and 2004 I worked at the Social Science Branch of the Northeast Fisheries Science Center (Woods Hole, MA) to compile information for and write profiles on fishing-dependent communities in the Northeast U.S. These profiles were to assist in fulfillment of National Standard 8 of the Magnuson Stevens Fisheries Conservation and Management Act, which requires that management consider impacts on fishing communities when changing fisheries regulations.

Resource Legacy Fund (California Marine Life Protection Act Initiative)

Contracted through the Resource Legacy Fund to review literature and develop conceptualizations of previous work on managing, monitoring, and enforcing networks of marine protected areas.

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